Edit your contents directly on the web page in your Browser

The 'In-Browser Direct-Editing' is a piece of cake when it comes to update the contents of your website straight in the browser. This way you have the possibility to edit and update (go live) your contents without having the need to make any use of an extra CMS system. Therefore the desired content spots of your pages will be prepared and activated for your customised direct editing.

Kein Diplom

No special Know-how needed

You don't have to learn to use a big CMS system and forso to get bothered by its ideosyncrasies only because you want to change a bit! Just type it in straight on the web page.

Schnell & einfach

FAST & Easy

The direct editing lets you update the content directly on the web page. Just log-on, open the desired page in your web browser, update the content, save it (go live) and that's what it's all about!

Version speichern

GO LIVE Now or later

Either you publish your changes immediately (just one click and your content is online) or you save your changes in order to enhance the content and/or publish it  at a later time.

cleaning screen


As a result of the smart preparation of the web pages you can choose any content spot of the web page to be editable. This means that the effort to activate direct editing on your website is usually kept within limits demanding manageable costs. We are talking about small one-off costs. No license fees and/or maintenace costs! Watch the video and you'll see!


proweb Direct Edit

  • Direct text editing on the web page
  • Integrate images saved on your Web server
  • Upload images to Web server
  • Set text links andattributes
  • Source edting (HTML)
  • Account-based login
  • Direct publishing (GO LIVE)
  • Save version for later publishing
  • Date driven, autom. publishing
  • High performance as not database is required