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Homepages and Web Pages

The term web design basically describes the creation of a graphical user interface for pages, also called homepages, on the Internet. But web design also includes all the tasks that are necessary for the technical provision of Internet pages (structural design, functional conception and animation).

The use of websites on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has extended the requirements for web design by the creation of a so-called Responsive Design, i.e. a dynamic size and function adjustment to the screen size of the respective device.

Therefore, in addition to the products and/or services presented on a website, an effective, atrractive functional design concept is always essential to provide a pleasant experience for prospective customers and website visitors. This is how you convey personality, reliability and innovation, better said:



Even though modern scripting languages such as JavaScript and CSS can provide a certain degree of interactivity and dynamics on websites, other tools are needed for larger data volumes and dynamics. The programming language PHP and the connection to a database like MySQL can be mentioned here as examples. The administration of texts via a web page form or also the specific query of texts and other contents or the search for them are typical applications for this.

Web development is not rocket science. You have the ideas and I design and implement the technical realization.



Web modules - the effective tools


WEB-CMS Direct-Edit
PROWEB WS Direct-Edit

You don't need to learn a CMS system and struggle with its functionalities just to change the text once! You simply change the text on the web page, as Direct-Edit allows you to edit an element directly on the page in the browser.

Simply log in, call up the page, make the change, save it and you're done! You can either publish your changes immediately and without any detours or save them temporarily in order to add the change later if necessary and then publish them manually or time-controlled.

PROWEB Web Calendar

Simply enter the booking request in the web browser as booked or preregistered. The module checks overlaps down to the minute and automatically publishes the booking on the website. Arrival and departure days can be booked 'twice'. This allows the booking-specific entry of arrival and departure dates incl. time.

The website visitor sees the bookings one year in advance. The administrator can quickly and easily view all past as well as future bookings for the next years incl. further information.

Online Questionnaire
Online Questionnaire

Design your own online survey (online questionnaire) quickly and easily. Create the questions with different answer options (select yes/no, select multiple answers, enter text) in the administration in the web browser. Questions can also be asked inactive and the website visitor has the possibility to upload images and documents.

The generation of the questionnaire on your website is generated fully automatically by the module. The given answers are automatically sent by e-mail. If desired, also to the respondent.

Random Passphrase
PROWEB Web Protected Area

Use the module 'Random Passphrase' to secure your protected area on your website, which can be easily installed and activated on any webspace. The module generates a new random passphrase for each session (access to your website), which is sent to the user of the registered e-mail address.

This passphrase is only valid for this requested visit (session), is stored in the system in encrypted form for this time and is then automatically deleted. You can also define a time window in which access should be possible.